Revolutionize Your Bible Study and Elevate Your Spiritual Life 
Through this Easy Step-by-Step Program

Do you desire to take your Bible study to a deeper level? Do you yearn to study the bible, but you find it hard to understand at times? Or have you tried, but given up due to frustration, confusion, or the struggle to stay consistent? Could it be because you're probably trying to do it alone? Imagine instead...

  • Being a part of a community of people who desire to grow just like you who can encourage you along the way.
  • Having an actual plan for your Bible study; a proven strategy that moved you beyond reading your favorite verses over and over again.
  • Being so filled with God’s truth that it literally impacts every single detail of your life, your relationships, and more.

That, my friends, is exactly what our God wants for you! This course will teach you exactly how to experience this transformation within a COMMUNITY of believers with a spiritual MENTOR by your side guiding you every step of the way!

Meet Your Instructor

Allen G. Parr Jr. is the creator of Bible Study Made Easy. He is a licensed and ordained minister and has been teaching the Bible for 20 years. In 2004 Allen graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Theology degree. Allen is also the founder of The BEAT, an online Bible teaching ministry that publishes videos that reach thousands of weekly viewers worldwide. Allen has been teaching people how to study the Bible for the past twenty years. Allen currently resides in McKinney, TX and is happily married to his beautiful wife Jennifer and is the proud father of their daughter Anaiah.


Module #1 is all about helping you connect what you're reading to the bigger picture and grander story of the Bible. This module you will includes…

  • An overview of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation
  • The key people, places, and timeline of events in the Bible
  • Strategies for how to fit anything you are reading within the bigger context of the bible story
  • 2 Quizzes to test your knowledge of the Old & New Testaments


Module #2 is all about helping you make observations so you can see more in the Bible than you've ever seen before. This module includes...

  • Three proven reading strategies guaranteed to help you notice key elements in the Biblical text
  • How to identify sentence structure and key words and phrases that break the passage down

  • A downloadable checklist of key words and phrases to look for when studying the Bible

  • A practice assignment designed to reinforce what you've learned!


Module #3 will teach you exactly how to get the correct interpretation of what you are reading. Inside this module you will learn…

  • 8 Essential principles for correct biblical interpretation for any type of biblical literature

  • How to correctly put a passage in its context and compare scripture with scripture

  • How to discover hidden details about the specific culture and background of a text
  • How to determine the exact meaning of Greek/Hebrew words

  • How to use bible study tools to enhance your understanding of the Bible


Module #4 will show you specific strategies for applying the Bible to your daily life so that you can experience transformation. This module includes…

  • 10 Essential questions you must ask yourself when applying the Bible

  • 6 Different spheres in your life to apply the bible

  • 5 Practical ways to make applications you will actually follow through on

  • An easy-to-use checklist designed to help you make practical applications no matter what text you are reading


Module #5 is all about PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! In this “final exam” you will…

  • Take all of the principles you learned in the first 4 modules and practice them on an exciting, very practical passage of scripture
  • Use the Bible study tools to practice Greek word studies, determining culture, context and more!

  • Have a greater understanding of how each step of the Bible Study Made Easy process fits together 
  • Receive a Bible study tool resource list for ongoing personal study

When you enroll, you're not just getting a're joining a COMMUNITY! Here are just a few of the benefits of joining our community of believers on mission to go deeper with God in His word inside our private Facebook group. 

  • Live Q&A Sessions - Inside our community you will have the opportunity to "Ask Me Anything" about the Bible, the Spiritual Life, relationships and anything related to living a godly life. 
  • Live Bible Studies & Ongoing Advanced Training - The learning doesn't stop once you complete the course. Each week I'll be inside the Facebook group personally hosting a bible study to not only demonstrate how you can use what you've learned in the course, but to teach you the Bible in a practical and relevant way.
  •  Encouragement & Accountability - Other people inside our community will celebrate with you as you go through the course, pray with/for you, encourage you in your journey to understand God and His word and hold you accountable for your spiritual life and goals.

"One of the greatest things Allen Parr’s teaching has done in my life is, it has given me courage to speak openly about the Bible to others. It was like I was reading the Bible in the dark at times, then I came across Allen and he explained things so simply and practical that the lights just all turned on. I now feel encouraged to participate in my church, and I have been helping teach, and create a curriculum for our young Sunday school kids."

Jessica Hardin
Sunday School Teacher

"Allen is simply one of the most relatable teachers I have ever known! He breaks things down in a way that does not veer from the solid truth but brings that truth into today's world so that it is easier to apply in our current world’s issues. If there is an “IT” factor in teaching the gospel - Allen is the man!"

Dean Dickschat
Worship Leader

"I personally had the pleasure of learning how to study the Bible through Allen Parr’s guidance and counsel. God used him to open my eyes and forever change the way I approach scripture. Now I know how to read the word of God as He intended it to be read. "

Eric Dutze
Bible Study Made Easy Student

"Studying the Bible under Allen Parr has been life-changing for me. From the first lesson, I could clearly see how God has gifted him with the ability to break down the Bible in a way that speaks to new and seasoned believers alike. I would highly recommend Allen’s studies to anyone that wants to walk away empowered to grow in knowledge of the scriptures and encouraged to navigate through the issues we face in our lives."

Lee Coleman
Relationship Coach
  • Lifetime access - You will be able to access the tools, techniques and strategies from anywhere to enhance your Bible study for the rest of your life.
  • 5 Modules - Bible Study Made Easy includes 5 modules (51 lessons) and over 6-hours of step-by-step easy-to-follow instruction designed to help you hear directly from God for yourself.
  • Worksheets, Checklists, Cheat Sheets and Quizzes - This course is very interactive as it gives you the opportunity to practice what you're learning on different passages of scripture. To equip you, I've provided several helpful checklists, cheat sheets, worksheets and quizzes for you!
Is this a one-time payment or ongoing?

This is DEFINITELY a one-time payment. Once you're in, you have complete and total access to all the modules for life with no further financial obligation.

How long do I have to take the course?

This is a "go at your own pace" course. You can purchase it today and begin using it next year or whenever. There is no time limit on when you start or finish the course. 

Is this course for a seminary student?

Absolutely not! They have seminary for that! This course is designed for any Christian at any level who desires to learn a step-by-step method for effective Bible study. 

What if I'm not on Facebook? Can I still join the group?

The course is completely unrelated to the Facebook group. You will still have access to the course but not the additional training going on inside the private Facebook group.

Why should I have to pay to learn the Bible?

What you'll get inside this course would cost close to $1,000 at a Bible college. For a fraction of that cost you can invest in your spiritual life and let me invest back into you!

I don't know the Bible that well. Will I be lost?

Not one bit. I've made it EASY to understand. Module #1 will give you a very detailed overview of the entire Bible before we dive into how to study it.

What if I miss the ongoing training? Can I still access it?

Yes! Any live training done within the FB group will be made available so you can watch it at your own time and stay current with the group. 

Can't I learn most of this online by myself?

You can try to sift through a plethora of videos, but this course packages everything you need all in one place along with the support of a community and mentor.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Try the Bible Study Made Easy program out and if during the first thirty days of purchase you don’t LOVE it, get 100% of your money back. You have nothing to lose!

Here is why I’m SO passionate about this course. It’s because I know how my understanding of the Bible and the depth I’m now able to study the Bible at has been revolutionized since I learned how to study the Bible. More importantly, my life has changed because of how I can hear God speaking to me. My friend, I DESPERATELY want you to have the same experience. For our full refund policy, click here.

INVEST IN YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE AND LET ME INVEST IN YOU're probably still thinking, "But...why should I have to pay for this? Can't I learn it on my own?" You can certainly try. You can sift through a ton of videos and books that may teach you a thing or two about Bible study. But what happens after that? You're still left alone by yourself trying to figure this all out. I promise you, it's so much easier and much more enjoyable when you do it inside a community of people and have someone who is trained to show you how to study the Bible and is totally committed to helping you experience the same joy of discovery.

For the price of a nice dinner for two you can make an investment into your spiritual life and experience something that you cannot put a price on; a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Instead of thinking of the price, pray and ask God if this is something He wants you to invest in at this time and then trust Him to provide for you. But...Bible Study Made Easy is not just some course you take and get through. It's a community that is committed to your spiritual growth.

With easy-to-use checklists, cheat sheets, resource guides and worksheets you can use for a lifetime, you will be well equipped with a strategic plan to study the Bible for a lifetime! It would be my sincere honor if you would allow me to hold your hand every step of the way and show you the EXACT step-by-step strategies to get the most out of your Bible study. Are you ready to learn strategies that will help you uncover a deeper meaning of the Bible so that you can experience tremendous spiritual growth in your life? Click the link below to get instant access to our course, join our community and go on this journey with us together!


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