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Let's face it. Studying the Bible can be challenging. We don't always know what to study, how to study and what to do when we study. I get that. This is the reason why I created Bible Study Made Easy. If you've ever had any frustration with studying the Bible, this course is for you!

Let us help you take the mystery out of studying the Bible. Inside this course I'm going to show you the exact strategies and techniques that pastors and Bible teachers across the world have been using to be able to see things in the Bible you've never seen before. I'm going to show you how to use all the different Bible study tools that will really help you dig deep into the Bible. You will come away with a newfound joy in studying the Bible. You'll experience the joy of hearing from God for yourself and not relying on someone else to teach you. Simply put...your life will change when you learn how to study this book. It would be my sincere honor to pour everything I know about effective Bible study into you so that you can experience life transformation. 


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